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Disaster recovery

Don’t let a data disaster define your organization.

In a connected world where unpredictable weather, unforeseen circumstances, and major mishaps can take down critical data assets, proactive disaster recovery is the safety net that keeps your organization thriving even in dire circumstances.

Ensure your most critical data assets are always available

In an unpredictably connected world where even a minor error can spiral into a major mishap taking down critical data, proactive disaster recovery is the safety net that keeps your organization thriving even in dire circumstances. Enable fast, easy, and risk-free recovery with an up-to-date replica of data lake environments and actively-used data at a moment’s notice.
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The significance of a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy

Swift recoveries ensure your operations don't halt
Businesses are becoming more and more data-driven; a blip can cause a breakdown. Cirata’s state-of-the-art disaster recovery solution ensures that your data, your lifeline, remains untouchable and accessible at all times. Our revolutionary approach guarantees the immediacy of data recovery, offering assurance and peace of mind.
Compliance with confidence
In a landscape peppered with stringent industry regulations, compliance is non-negotiable. Our disaster recovery solution is a reliable path to meeting and exceeding such mandates, offering airtight protection and exceptional recovery times while fulfilling industry-specific regulatory requirements for disaster recovery planning and implementation.
Trust in our track record
Meet business — and customer — expectations for 24x7 service uptime and data integrity with a solution that aligns to your enterprise strategies and IT architectures. Cirata's dedicated team has crafted a solution that's more than just an industry standard - it's a step ahead. Partnering with Cirata is a choice for resilience, security, and continuous performance.

Products that drive our Data management solutions

Data management
Data management with Cirata provides the missing link in your complex cloud ecosystem. As you seek to transition your data to the cloud, which can be a monumental and risky task, we offer a unique solution that is both powerful, simple, and with zero-risk. Cirata solutions are trusted by global leaders, and have experienced firsthand how our services are revolutionizing data.
Having distributed DevOps can bring extra challenges. Cirata seamlessly integrates with your existing source code management solution to improve how your development teams collaborate globally. Our solutions improve developer performance while helping you achieve faster time to market, and eliminate the risk of outage disruptions and downtime with fully replicated repositories.
“We were impressed with Cirata’s unique capabilities for real-time replication without disrupting our production environments. It was critical to us that data in our disaster recovery cluster is kept in sync with our primary cluster as closely as possible to enable a near-zero recovery point objective and recovery time objective.”
— Jacques Joubert, Big Data Manager and Architect at Sanlam
Cirata's solutions are trusted by hundreds of global brands and industry leaders such as
Experience the seamless peace of mind that Cirata's disaster recovery solutions offer. Transform your approach to disaster management and protect your data like never before. Contact us or schedule a demo to learn more.

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