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Gerrit MultiSite

Increase worldwide development team collaboration

Enable distributed teams to collaborate as one with no downtime, no disruption and using Gerrit - the premier code review open source product.

Gerrit MultiSite explained

Gerrit MultiSite enables full “Active-Active” replication of your Gerrit server using a full PAXOS implementation and packaged in a simple to deploy and maintain format. Fully supported 24x7. Maximally scalable to huge numbers of repositories, users and sites.

Benefits of Gerrit MultiSite

Increase global collaboration
  • Enable “single” Gerrit server consistency
  • Automatic catch-up after offline events
  • Selective Replication to specific sites
Enhance operational continuity
  • High availability
  • Disaster recovery
  • Offsite replication
Improve developer efficiency
  • Fast local clones
  • Fastest robust pushes
  • Globally consistent reviews

Cirata enables developer productivity

Single Gerrit server consistency

Each Gerrit replica site is updated using PAXOS technology guaranteeing that all of the Gerrit replica sites are consistent after replication

Automatic catch-up after offline events

Network and server outages happen. GerritMS enables fully automatic catch-up of all write operations done at the sites that remained up. No administrator interaction involved

High availability

When GerritMS is deployed in a cluster it will enable a fully highly available environment

Disaster recovery

When a remote disaster recovery site is configured all Gerrit data and repositories replicated to it will be kept up to date with all of the other operational replicas

Selective replication

You can choose which sites get which Gerrit project repositories. This enables access and data policies required in specific industries. It also enables lower cost (smaller size) servers for locations that require access to fewer Gerrit projects

Fast local clones

Repository “read” operations are latency close to your users minimizing the time required to do those clones

Fastest robust pushes

Configurable data redundancy policies enable best performance for the compromise between redundancy, recoverability and speed

Globally consistent reviews

Since all of the Gerrit data is replicated, not just the project repositories, Gerrit code reviews look identical at all sites

Open source packages

Git binaries
Fully tested / certified Git binaries for most Linux and Windows platforms
Want to unify collaboration for your distributed teams? Reach out today for more information or to book a demo.

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Gerrit MultiSite
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