How to raise a support ticket
Posted by Mark Lucas (WANdisco) on 18 April 2017 02:03 PM

Summary: How to raise a case to support
Applies to: Using support for all products and versions.

This article describes how to:

  1. Raise a ticket to WANdisco Support
  2. View an open ticket
  3. Update a ticket 
  4. Close a ticket


Before you raise a ticket

To raise a ticket you need to have an account on one of our support sites:

  •  You will have received an email with your support account details shortly after you bought the product

If you don't have an account, ask someone who does (generally your system admin or project lead) to raise a ticket on requesting an account for you. We will then create your account.


1. Raise a ticket

Follow these steps to raise a new support ticket. If you want to check the status of a ticket already logged with the support team, go to View an open ticket.

1. Log in to the support site,

2. Click Submit a Ticket.

3. Select the product you need support for and click Next

You now see the ticket submission screen.

4. Select a priority level from the drop-down list and complete the form.

Important notes:

Include as much information as possible in your ticket so that our Support team can give you the best help.

Upload all relevant log files, including the following if applicable:

 Run Talkback at all your sites and attach the resulting log files.

Include any Apache and System logs where appropriate.

If you upload files, tick the 'I have attached the Talkback files below.' box in the Info Collection section of the screen.

As you write your message, you may see links to articles in our Knowledgebase.


These links are generated by the system in real time, based on words and phrases you type into the message box. Before you submit your ticket, click any links that may have the solution to your problem.

5. When you've completed entering your information, click Submit.

A message provides a Ticket ID, confirms your details, and repeats the information that you provided.

6. Check that everything is correct.

What happens next?

You receive an email at the Email address shown and our Support Team will be in touch with you soon. 

2. View an open ticket

While your ticket is open, you can view progress through the WANdisco support website. You can add information or comments to the open ticket instead of raising a new one. Do not add new tickets for the same issue because our Support team may then have difficulty finding all the relevant information.

1. Log in to the support site,, and click View Tickets.

You see a list of your open tickets.

2. To view a ticket, click on the Ticket ID.

You see your ticket information. Responses appear below your initial ticket information.

3. Add more information to an open ticket, or reply to a response you've received from our Support team, as applicable.

4. When you are satisfied that your issue has been resolved, close the ticket.

3. Update a ticket

To add more information, or reply to support click Post Reply and add your comment.

You can also update the priority and status of an open ticket. To update the priority, select a new priority level in the drop-down list, then click Update.


4. Close a ticket

To close a ticket, select Closed from the status drop-down list, then click Update.

Note: If you don't reply to a ticket that's been sent back to you, it will automatically be closed after 5 days.



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