WANdisco is now Cirata

Tomorrow’s advancements in human mobility are built with today’s leader in data mobility.

With Cirata, you're not just keeping up with the pace of data change in the auto industry, you're driving it. Harness the power of your data with us and build tomorrow's advancements in automotive and human mobility, today.

Solve your distributed DevOps challenges

Cirata’s DevOps products enable developers to increase productivity across locations, while using their trusted tools without additional training. DevOps products lower costs by reducing development time, overhead and network bandwidth usage.

Fast, secure data integration on your terms

Easily move your data and metadata to any cloud with no downtime and no business disruption.

Unleash your data powerhouse to fuel AI and analytics.

Leveraging our patented DConE®️ technology and trusted by global brands and industry leaders, Cirata specializes in the integration of high-value datasets into leading cloud platforms enabling game-changing AI and analytics. Our track record includes moving data at such a scale, that if each byte were a drop of water, it would fill 40,000,000 Olympic swimming pools.

Cirata's data technology offers organizations a highly robust and efficient platform for seamlessly moving structured or unstructured datasets of any scale. Our technology plays a pivotal role in empowering organizations to engage in advanced analytics, AI, and other data-driven operations, enabling them to derive invaluable insights, accelerate innovation, maximize cost savings, and drive impactful outcomes.
Data modernization
Rapidly make the shift away from legacy data technologies and underutilized datasets to more advanced and capable data platforms in the cloud, including AI, ML, and advanced analytics.
Disaster recovery
Ensure critical data assets are readily available by seamlessly maintaining a replica of data lake environments and actively-used data in secondary locations (either cloud or on-premises).
Hybrid and multi-cloud
Easily implement flexible data architectures that maintain data in hybrid environments including on-premises, cloud, multi-cloud, and intercloud deployments.
Improve developer performance achieve faster time to market, and eliminate the risk of outage disruptions and downtime with fully replicated repositories.
Cirata's solutions are trusted by hundreds of global brands and industry leaders such as
Learn more about how Cirata's partners help accelerate our customers' digital transformation and data activation initiatives.
scatterplot of cloud computing companies with a y-axis labeled ability to execute and an x-axis labeled completelness of vision. industry leaders who score high in both include microsoft and sofware AG

Transforming telecommunications

Cirata’ Data Migrator enabled a seamless integration of data to Microsoft Azure and boosted business operations for a leading global telecom. The challenge was to migrate tens of petabytes of data without affecting critical business applications and operations and the results were impressive.

Cloud connected data coupled with powerful computing techniques is what separates leaders from laggards.

Deliver greater business value from your data by modernizing your data architecture.

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