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Supercharge collaboration, slash development time, and drive efficiencies within your global DevOps teams.

In today’s hybrid work from anywhere world, having distributed DevOps can bring challenges. Cirata’s DevOps products seamlessly integrate with your existing source code management solution to increase security, minimize risk and latency, and improve how your development teams collaborate globally.

Improve global developer teams performance

Achieve faster time to market by

  • Eliminating the risk of outage disruptions and downtime with fully replicated repositories.
  • Minimizing latency and lag time with source-code that is protected with active-active replication
  • Developing and maintaining your security policy through one UI and automatically deploy it across all locations uniformly for simplified and consistent policy enforcement.
  • Enhancing security with an on-premises solution to increase your competitive advantages and secure your intellectual property.

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Benefits of an active DevOps solution strategy

Minimize latency and lag-time
Enhancing developer performance means understanding that every minute counts. Server latency and long code checkout processes can cost your company money. Worldwide distributed dev teams can now work on code in real time.
Eliminate the risk of outage disruptions
You won’t have to worry if a node goes down. Your source code remains in sync with active-active replication. Whether it’s a natural disaster or a human error disaster, your source code remains safe.
Enhance security with an on-premises solution
Ensure proper source code access and enable administrators to easily manage the complexity of complete and proper authentication that scales the largest implementations. Our on-premises solution enhances security and increases your competitive advantages.
Our patented technology
Our proprietary and patented DConE® technology, the secret sauce behind our DevOps solutions, ensures industry-leading multi-primaryreplication and unimpeachable system integrity.

We’re the experts when it comes to Subversion, Gerrit, and Git. Our products aren't just add-ons to our expertise, they drive our entire DevOps solution forward.

Gerrit MultiSite
Gerrit MultiSite enables full “Active-Active” replication of your Gerrit server using a full PAXOS implementation and packaged in a simple to deploy and maintain format.
Access Control Plus
Access Control Plus takes a team-based approach to enabling project administrators to easily manage the complexity of complete and proper authentication (AuthN) and authorization (AuthZ) configuration file generation.
Git MultiSite
Your developers may never notice that it is there helping them out. Git repositories are replicated using Active-Active replication meaning that there is no need for a Proxy Server setup and/or delayed replication (with the single point of failure that represents).
Subversion MultiSite Plus
The Subversion MultiSite Plus product is a hidden part of your Subversion deployment that enables world-widedistributed teams to work as one with no waiting around for “remote” data.
“We really needed some way to ensure that all of our sites were up and running all of the time. We needed to be 24-by-7 globally with the same LANspeed performance and access at all three locations. Cirata’s active/active WAN clustering for Subversion was the only solution we found.”
— Angela Thomas, Development Tools Manager, Juniper Networks
Cirata's solutions are trusted by hundreds of global brands and industry leaders such as

Powerful cloud-connected data use cases

DevOps MultiSite
Our solutions are powered by a powerful Paxos algorithm and patented technology that enables us to provide industry-leading multi-primary replication.
Disaster recovery
Ensure critical data assets are readily available by seamlessly maintaining a replica of data lake environments and actively used data in secondary locations (either cloud or on-premises).
Hadoop data migration
Rapidly make the shift away from legacy data technologies and underutilized datasets to more advanced and capable data platforms in the cloud, including AI, ML, and advanced analytics
Hybrid cloud
Easily implement flexible data architectures that maintain data in hybrid environments including on-premises, cloud, multi-cloud, and intercloud deployments.
Experience the difference. Join the countless developers around the world who have chosen Cirata as their trusted DevOps partner. Schedule a demo to see for yourself the impact on productivity and collaboration.
Subversion support packages
We are there to help you when issues arise with your Subversion development efforts.
Subversion binaries
Fully tested / certified Subversion binaries for most Linux and Windows platforms
Git binaries
Fully tested / certified Git binaries for most Linux and Windows platforms

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