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Accelerate building the modern bank with data

Modernize your banking solutions while leveraging AI and analytics to foster innovative banking services.

Top banks globally are grappling with various data challenges amidst the evolving financial services landscape. Recognizing and addressing these challenges is pivotal in supporting banking institutions towards sustainable growth and innovation and Cirata offers a unique capability to aid in the acceleration of the modern bank.

Move financial data at record speed for unparalleled insights, services, and customer experiences.

The modernization of financial services brings about exciting changes. Cirata's impact is evident in the use cases of top global banks, focused on enhancing customer loyalty and expanding relationships through data-driven personalization strategies. Moreover, Cirata assists in driving operational efficiency by consolidating massive datasets, optimizing cost-income ratios, and reinvesting resources into delivering superior services and products to consumers. This reflects the ongoing transformation within the financial industry and the role that advanced data solutions play in shaping its future.

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Transforming the financial services industry with advanced solutions to challenges in the industry

Cost and operational effectiveness
There is a critical need for banks to operate with maximum efficiency while delivering exceptional services to their customers. Through the consolidation of data centers, Cirata enables these financial institutions to significantly reduce operational costs, thereby freeing up resources for reinvestment into developing superior products.
Enhance customer experiences
Cirata enables the transfer of huge datasets to enable advanced analytics and insights to meticulously craft personalized strategies for millions of banking customers. This approach addresses the distinct needs of every individual, fostering a deeper connection and delivering tailored experiences that resonate on a personal level.
Leverage technology for innovation
Banks are striving to leverage technology and innovation to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market while ensuring the security and privacy of customer data. Understanding and leveraging banking data can unlock powerful analytics for game changing innovation and development.
Data security and fraud detection
Digital banking is transforming the way people send or receive money and make investments. We prioritize safeguarding that invaluable data to ensure it adheres to regulatory and other compliance requirements. Our solutions offer rigorous data protection, safeguarding your proprietary information and consumer privacy meticulously.
of banks maintain at least some data,
applications, or operations in the cloud,
and expect to increase cloud use.
– MarketsandMarkets

Products that drive our data integration solutions

Data Migrator
Data Migrator is a fully automated solution that moves on-premise HDFS data, Hive metadata, local filesystem, or cloud data sources to any cloud or on-premises environment, even while those datasets are under active change. Moving data of any scale can begin immediately and be performed without production system downtime or business disruption, and with zero risk of data loss.
Data Migrator for Hadoop
More organizations are needing to quickly, and efficiently modernize their data architecture while moving their Hadoop deployments to the cloud. When it comes to migrating your on-premises Hadoop data, we are the experts providing zero risk, no downtime or business disruption, and offering the ability to reduce migration timelines by 50% over other methods
Cirata's solutions are trusted by hundreds of global brands and industry leaders such as

Powerful cloud-connected data use cases

Hadoop data migration
Rapidly make the shift away from legacy data technologies and underutilized datasets to more advanced and capable data platforms in the cloud, including AI, ML, and advanced analytics.
Disaster recovery
Ensure critical data assets are readily available by seamlessly maintaining a replica of data lake environments and actively-used data in secondary locations (either cloud or on-premises).
Hybrid cloud
Easily implement flexible data architectures that maintain data in hybrid environments including on-premises, cloud, multi-cloud, and intercloud deployments.
DevOps MultiSite
Our solutions are powered by a powerful Paxos algorithm and patented technology that enables us to provide industry-leading multi-primary replication.
Ready to elevate your banking operations with advanced data solutions? Let's chat about how Cirata can effortlessly move your data to the cloud to drive sustainable growth and efficiency for your institution.

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