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Platform notifications PLAT-943 & ACP-2603
Posted by Gordon Vaughan on 30 August 2016 02:55 PM

Please find below a couple of advisory notices that we would like your consideration and understanding on. It is important that these are read and understood at the appropriate level, so please ensure that all administrators of your WANdisco products are made aware to prevent any issues in future. As always, if there are any questions you are welcome to respond to this ticket and we’ll get back to you with any support needed as soon as possible.


PLAT-943 – Issues with ‘Voter Only’ nodes

Severity: Major

Affected product(s): Subversion MultiSite Plus and Git MultiSite

Content: The use of ‘Voter Only’ node type has been found to cause issues with nodes potentially encountering an non-graceful stop, which then invokes a failure to fully restart. The impact of the addition of a voter only node can result in a need to reinstall that node, resulting in a need for a maintenance window to resolve.

Context: WANdisco has, to date, not deployed any customer with an environment that makes use of the voter only node functionality, and furthermore has not recommended this to any customer. It is expected that any customer wishing to add new nodes would reach out to WANdisco and, with this current issue in mind, provide us the opportunity to steer away from this voter type. However, as the functionality exists for a customer to take this step without WANdisco engagement, it is important that we highlight this for all potential customers who could make this change.

Workaround/Recommendation: The workaround is simple; do not use the voter only role for any node. Should you be in a position where you have deployed a voter only node please contact WANdisco Support ASAP. This issue is expected to be fixed in a forthcoming release across both platforms affected.


ACP-2603 – GFR log file growth, rotation needed

Severity: Major

Affected product(s) – Access Control Plus

Content: It has been noted that GFR log files can grow very quickly, and as such WANdisco need to recommend that a rotation is put in place to ensure this does not impact Access Control Plus.

Context: While this is not a bug within Access Control Plus, the impact of this GFR log file growing can create serious issues for our product, and as such we must issue an advisory on rotation methodology.

Workaround/Recommendation: One such method, on some Linux distros, would be to create the file: /etc/logrotate.d/wandisco


With the following contents:





    rotate 31









    dateformat _%Y%m%d

    maxsize 100k



The above will keep 31 log files, compress them 1 day after rotating them (gzip -9) and use name of "_YYYYMMDD.gz" (after compression).  Log rotation via the "logrotate" command is normally run via cron via the "/etc/cron.daily/logrotate" crontab file.  The logrotate command, itself, is normally configured via "/etc/logrotate.conf" to include all files in "/etc/logrotate.d".

WANdisco recommend implementing this as soon as possible to prevent issues in future.

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To enhance the usability and security of our support, WANdisco are delighted to announce a revamped system for retrieval of software downloads, and provision of logs / talkbacks and other larger documents beyond the 10MB size limit in our support ticket system, Kayako.

The new portal can be accessed via To access this page you will need to have a valid product license. For those customers who do not purchase WANdisco products and have Subversion/Git support only, a bespoke license will be created and shared with you to obtain access.

Once the file is uploaded via the simple Drag-and-Drop and validated, you will have access to an easy-to-use portal that is securely tied to the license you provided. The Home page will present a list of the available software, with download ​links valid for ​a ​24 hour​ period. 

An Upload tab at the top allows you to manage Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) accounts, complete with instructions for creation and maintenance of your SFTP accounts to gain access to the WANdisco sftp server s

There is also a specific Upload option for the ability to Drag and Drop files in for direct upload, or via Curl for files up to 50MB. Full instructions for each option are laid out within the portal itself.

The existing ​ftp/sftp server will expire on 1st June 2016. We would ask that this information is shared through the teams involved in the administration of your WANdisco Support portal to ensure awareness, and readiness for the change. If you have any issues with the new portal please contact the support team via the usual channel of for assistance.


Kind Regards,

Gordon Vaughan

Service Delivery Manager

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WANdisco File Distribution portal update
Posted by Gordon Vaughan on 07 December 2015 04:46 PM

As part of our drive for continuous improvement, WANdisco will shortly launch a revamped version of our File Distribution portal.

Having reviewed the existing portal, WANdisco recognised that the user experience was not ideal, with a particular barrier being that customers needed to keep a note of their custom URL, or contact support to obtain it. To that end we’ve made some changes that will ensure a single point of entry for all customers, and a more friendly UI experience all round.

From Thursday 10th December at 1400 GMT (0600 PST) the new version of FD will launch, and will be available at the fixed URL of . On this screen, you will be presented with a file upload tool. This tool requires you to provide a copy of your license file, which must be valid to progress. Upon provision of a valid license key, the tool will recognise your company and entitlement from the file uploaded, and from there present the available installation files for download.

WANdisco expects that this revised portal will cause no issues for customers, as holding a valid license is absolutely necessary for installation of the software(s) presented. If, for any reason, you are missing your license file, please raise a ticket to the Support team via and the team will work to provide a license or clarify the situation as appropriate.

Kind Regards,

Gordon Vaughan

Service Delivery Manager

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Ticket change notice - attachment limit now set to 10MB
Posted by Gordon Vaughan on 19 November 2015 05:32 PM

WANdisco has recently experienced a surge in the number of tickets raised into our support portal with very large attachments. While our support portal is more than capable of handling the attachment sizes uploaded, the knock-on effect of this has been that emails from the support desk to our customers have been bounced due to sizing limits. This has given the potential for major communication issues, which is something neither WANdisco or our customers can countenance.


Having assessed all the options available and considered the impacts, we have deployed a 10MB file size limit on attachments via our portal, effective immediately. Any attempts to create or update tickets with files of this size or greater will result in a failure to upload, although the ticket text content will be received.


Should you have a need to send us a file sized 10MB or greater, please upload these to the shared space we have made available to you (FTP/SFTP). Should you be unfamiliar with this process, or require access, please contact the support team via the usual channels.



Gordon Vaughan

Service Delivery Manager - WANdisco

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SmartSVN sold to Syntevo
Posted by Phil Richardson on 24 February 2015 12:47 PM

From 23/02/2015 SmartSVN will be owned, maintained and managed by SmartSVN GmbH, a 100% child of Syntevo GmbH.

During the last two years the founders of Syntevo have continued to work extensively with WANdisco, so the transition back into their ownership will be smooth and seamless.

Will this affect my purchased SmartSVN license?

No, SmartSVN GmbH will continue to support current SmartSVN users and you'll be able to renew through them when the free upgrade period of your SmartSVN license has expired.

Where should I raise issues in the future?

The best place to go is Syntevo's contact page ( where you'll find the right contact depending on the nature of your issue.

You can read more about this on our blog here:


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